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govern. la estrella de música pop christina aguilera fue galardonada por su fructífera lucha contra el hambre a nivel global... hillary clinton: "de todos los vídeos que ha hecho christina el único que ha tocado mi corazón es en el que está cantandole a un grupo de niños en haití, es fácil si eres una gran estrella concentrarte solo en tu carrera, sin embargo estás usando tu talento para ayudar a otros, y eso es un gran regalo" christina aguilera habló de su experiencia compartiendo con familias en estado de pobreza... christina "fui impresionante ver a niños que se emocionaban tanto al ver un plato de arroz con frijoles, algo quizás simple que generalmente nosotros no valoramos" aguilera también habló del porqué se identifica con los necesitados... cristina: "yo misma vengo de una familia de bajos recursos y sé lo importante que es que te den una oportunidad, estos niños necesitan una oportunidad, y todo empieza con un plato de comida" gracias a esta iniciativa más de nueve millones de mujeres y niños a nivel global tienen acceso algo básico: una alimentación nutri
, let's get outside and get a live look at the san mateo bridge. christina loren will be here to answer your questions. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning, everybody. a always happy to have you along. i'm jon kelley. >>> the mini gadget unveils. the announcement actually happening right now. scott budman is live in downtown san jose with details on this much-anticipated and speculated event. scott, good morning. >> well, good morning, marla. good morning, jon. apple coming to the biggest city to talk about some of its smallest devices this morning. couple surprise announcements. most of the focus expected on the ipad line and that is, indeed, what we got. they're talking inside, right now, as we speak, about the new mini ipad. that is going to be what it is called. it is smaller, it is thinner and about 0.7 of a pound and little less than eight inches for the screen. this is going to compete with seven-inch devices and also a expected to put alapaal bapaal the classroom. not only easier to put in your child's backpack, but your own purse or backpack. a surprise from ap
about that, the city by the bay. it's spectacular. christina loren going to tell us the weather update. your news starts right now. >>> good morning everybody. happy columbus day one and all. happy you can join us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. decision 2012 is coming the the bay area. modern history in the making. the president is honoring a california icon before heading to san francisco for faund raising push. here is video of president barack obama landing in bakersfield about an hour ago. he is there to officially announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. the property is the headquarters of the united farm workers and served as a planning and coordination center for chavez and his movement in the 1970s. afterward a dinner reception will be held for the president tonight in san francisco at the bill graham civic auditorium. john legend will perform in concert there. last night the president took the stage in los angeles at a star-studded event that included celebrities like jon bon jovi, stevie wonder and katie perry. the president march veld at their
. >>> and the bay area bracing for wet weather out there. christina loren will be along to let us know when we need to break out the umbrellas. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning. always happy to have you along. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. we begin this morning with san francisco city leaders all fed up with a south bay tech company and the private bus service for people who live in the city. they say traffic caused by the big cruisers needs to be and must be regulated. nbc bay area's christie smith is in san francisco with more on the brewing battle there. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. on the one hand, the shuttles are getting people to work and getting cars off the road and getting people to their jobs. on the other hand, a lot of people in san francisco think these shuttle buses that just keep popping up need a little bit more regulations when they are riding on the streets of san francisco. particularly during commute hours. they see some of them blocking bus stops and causing traffic conditions at the height of the morning commute.
in san jose where there was a steady downpour today. but first, let's get to meteorologist, christina loren, who's been busy tracking all the action. >> good morning. i set this radar back about six hours just to show you all the heavy rainfall that came through the bay area in a very short-lived period of time. for now, we're done with the heavy rain. but we have this unsettled pattern to get through. we're going to see light, spotty showers return, another round getting into this evening. in addition to that, gusty winds on the way. this evening into tomorrow morning, we get another wave and then we'll get another one as we head into your wednesday. but sierra nevada has been getting quite a bit of the white stuff. snow levels up to 5,500 feet. and up to 6 inches of white fresh powder over that sierra nevada range. throughout the remainder of the day, the cold air settles in. the spotty clouds is an indication of a very cold air mass moving into the bay area. it all works out like this. lingering showers, another wave tonight. tomorrow morning, a showery commute with afternoon thund
at that cloud cover. christina has a lot ahead for us in our forecast. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. yes, indeed, the giants looking to keep that momentum going, fresh off last night's dominating victory. they looked good and felt good. game two starts in six hours from now. >> we have amy gutierrez live at at&t park. arturo santiago has a look at how to get your hands on some memorabilia from game one. but let's start with meteorologist christina loren with our gameday forecast. christina, is mother nature going to play ball, so to speak? >> she's going to knock one out of the park for us today, marla. good morning to you. we've had a good-looking day shaping up. for the first time, not talking about potential showers during gametime. in fact, quite the ton trar. contrary. abundant sunshine. by 6:00 p.m., the winds will pick up. our wind direction has shifted since yesterday, a north-northwest wind. if we see any pick-up, it will be out towards mccovey cove. by the finish of the game,
. right now, we will give you a live look spanning over downtown san jose. christina loren says brace yourself. a smorgasbord on the weather front. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good tuesday morning. always a pleasure. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. new this morning, silicon valley is once again buzzing as the most valuable company gets ready to make another announcement. this news coming into the newsroom two hours ago. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew have ts the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the iphone 5 was announced last month. the distant past. the last time you paid the mortgage, it has been that long. apple sending out an invitation saying we have more to show you. this happening next thursday in san jose. the hint is we're talking about a smaller ipad. really more than a hint, news of a smaller ipad has been leaking out of apple for a long time. amazon has had success with the tablets and apple wants a piece of the business. not to be outdone, microsoft showing off the surface tablet. this will go on sale on friday, october 26th. it is
, christina palon and christina could you please join me up on stage. [applause] . please join me in a very warm round of applause for christina and her work here in san francisco. [applause] >> thank you mayor lee for this extraordinary opportunity. i am honored to be considered for this position and look forward to working with you and the entire city family and san francisco families get the time and attention they need to thrive, grow and evolve. our neighborhoods define our city and central to making san francisco one of the best places to live. thank you to joaquin for having the foresight that i have for taking on this new role. i have tremendous shoes to fill and you did a great job and my predecessors and supervisor givein dufty and others and i want to continue the legacy for this office. i must acknowledge my mother. she was a strong out going, strong, out spoken feisty latina and came to this country to escape war and limited opportunity. i wouldn't with where i am today if it wasn't the strong principles my mother and fall instilled in my siblings for me and because of my
and killed by a car. the 15-year-old christina morris ward was two blocks away from sevenca valley high school when she was hit along here. fox 5s matt ackland is live with more on this. matt. >> reporter: well, this happened around 7:00 this morning. the sun was coming up and it was hard to see and, christina -- and christina was wearing dark clothing and this happened on the street behind me and they say right now, it appears the driver had the green light when he hit christina here. it was a typical walk to school for christina morees. -- morris. her mother stopped at the accident scene after leaving the hospital this morning. >> and she was a happy person, a goofy individual. she loved taking pictures and facebook. she was a happy person. >> reporter: christina was wearing dark clothing. police say she made it across two lanes of traffic but was struck as show tried to cross the northbound lanes. >> the vehicle was on a green light. >> reporter: heartbreak at seneca valley high school where she was a 10th grader. >> christina was a quiet young lady and she was active and engaged wit
on today's forecast, let's go to meteorologist christina loren live outside at&t park. christina, you have been out there all morning long, how are you holding up? >> it is still cold out here, marla. and you just saw from that video, this is one of the most beautiful parks in the country, but when it rains it gets downright ugly. tonight i'm going to go ahead and do it, no rain in the forecast for tonight's game. we are looking good. i'm surrounded by some very enthusiastic fans. >> yea! >> reporter: many of the guys have been here with me since 4:00 this morning. let's look at your weather and talk about what we have left in terms of showers. for the most part, they are all clearing. the most lingering activity has been right over the south bay, but temperatures are cool out there. we are in the 50s and 60s. the weather headlines tell the story of the next couple of days and what's to come. clearing this afternoon. we are going to see more sunshine than clouds by the day's end. cool sunshine for tomorrow. kind of that deceptive sunshine where it is perfectly sunny but still feels cool wi
way to school. police say christina morris-ward was killed while trying to cross germantown road just before 7:00 this morning. pat collins is at the scene with reaction from the teenager's mother and one of her best friends. pat? >> reporter: it's a walk many teens take every day. she was just two blocks away from school when she was struck and killed by a car. at the scene today, i talked to her mom. >> it's unbelievable. i just can't believe my daughter is not here. >> reporter: at the place where her daughter died this morning. 15-year-old christina morris ward killed on her way to school. it happened around 7:00 at the intersection of germantown road and wisteria drive. police say that christina was struck by a white ford car. they say the 27-year-old driver of the car remained on the scene. this is not an easy crossing. there are seven lanes of traffic and a median strip. it's unclear as to where christina was when this happen. but police say it appears the driver of the car had the right of way. >> investigators told me they believe the car had the solid green signal. >> report
. >>> a scare for ashton kutcher fans and words of advice for honey boo-boo. star of "the voice," christina aguilera is getting something from secretary of state, hillary clinton. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. >>> here is what people are talking about. tonight was the first presidential debate between barack obama and romney. it was the obama's 20th wedding anniversary. weird during the d
are ahead. >>> plus, singing sensation and star of nbc's "the voice," christina aguilera is getting something very special from secretary of state hillary clinton. you're watching "early today." >>> here are some of your top headlines this morning. 4 people have died and 26 have gotten sick across five states after a meningitis outbreak. the cause appears to be contaminated steroid injections given to those with severe back pain. a massachusetts pharmacy believed to be the source of the outbreak has suspended operations, recalling hundreds of doses. >>> in iran, amateur video shows anti-government protests over the nation's collapsing currency. riot police clashed with demonstrators. iranian currency has lost 40% of its value in a week. >>> health officials warn dozen of weight loss and immune system supplements are being illegally labeled and lack any real scientific evidence. one out of five products bought in stores or online claim to prevent or cure deadly diseases. >>> and remember this? the late crocodile hunter steve irwin clutching his baby boy as he went face to face with p
of for district five and that is christina olague, the supervisor for district five, and then you saw recently when city college was running into problems and they had their accreditation challenged and i looked again to the latino community and i picked mr. santos to help us with the city college. i know quality education is important and two of the youth commissioners i had a chance to appoint and paul rodriquez and ramone gomez thank you very much for being here and working hard with our youth commission. [applause] and then later this summer i had a chance to appoint the city's first latino poet layer ret for san francisco. alhand dro mergia. your words continue to inspire us and i know the service and the representation is important to all of our commissions from the latino community where we're serving on the entertainment commission, the public works commission, the arts commission, and the mta commission and in our office at economic and work force development you know i launched a new program as your mayor this year. i wanted to make sure every neighborhood had a chance to share i
christina aguilera, estrella de musica pop de origen ecuatoriano recibio hoy el premio george mcgovern de manos de la secretaria de estado hillary clinton. esta premiacion responde a la labor de liderzgo que christina ha realizado como embajadora de las naciones unidas en la lucha por combatir el hambre en el mundo... gracias a su labor de altruismo mas de nueve millones de personas, incluyendo muchos niÑos estan siendo alimentados y nutridos. .. en la ceremonia christina manifesto su orgullo de trabajar por esta causa pues ella misma viene de una familia de bajos
with christina. you are watching bay area from us. >>> they must be giants. the giants sweeping their way to a second world series title in just three years. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley has the day off. >> i'm marla tellez. the giants are the new world series champs and a big story this season. redemption. barry zito erased all of the past failures. >> and sandoval went from bench warmer from the 2010 world series to 2012 world series mvp. >> we have team coverage on all things giants this morning. bob redell is awaiting the team's homecoming at at&t park. christie smith is keeping an eye on the fan celebrations. let's start with lauren scott in detroit who was in the locker room. lawrence, good morning. >> reporter: what a tremendous night last night here in detroit and a scene that will not soon be forgotten. the giants winning the second world series in three years. afterwards in the clubhouse, the celebration was intense. take a look. the champagne was flying. >> oh, that's cold. >> you did it! >> that's a great mentor to be sprayed by. wil
of rams. he's here and angela tang the director of operations. i think i saw christina shad, the leader of richmond multi-area services. if you could come forward and join our two honorees that would be great. i wanted to say that in many ways rams and washington high school are creating a new model of mental health services really involving young people to really understand themselves, but also that support each other as well. * shea thank you so much to alison and yuka and rams for being here. i wanted to ask if alison and yuka would make a few remarks. >>> i just want to thank you, supervisor mar and the board and rams for the initiative. it's such a great honor and especially with all the honorees here who have dedicated so many years. i'm just -- i'm so humbled to receive this. and i just want to share this with all of the wellness staff who work so hard not only from rams, but from the school district. it's just such an incredible initiative. maria martinez is also a staff through wellness and just -- i'm just always inspired by the youth and families that we all work with. they'
cannatt, senior'' backyard is heaatbreaking. christina marii ballard, neighbor: "this tree is huge. huge. look what it did to that hhuse!"the front isn't much better... as neeghbors see the power of andy.. sandy.. mark gruntingtoday, fter cranes removvd a 80- foot 3 tree from cannata's hhme, friendsswaited.and prayed.mary mueller, friend:"it looks like it's come through the hooue from top to bottom, just hhss ballard, neiihbor: "i can't - believe that. that's his itche" pitchen."(maak akes picture, deep breaah,, olds back tears) paanataas friend found out this mornnng froo don's son. '''m not playing, mark.' and, &pthen he starree crying real neighbor: "itts unreal. lard, - could've been our house." hhrricane sandy produccd recorded wind gusss between 65 and 70 miles per hour monday in pasadena.christina marie balllrd, neighbor: "they (the windd) were so loud. that's the only way you wouldn't have been able to hear."mark lugenbeel: "this is tto home sttod no chance.as ive daylight rokk,,traffic stops to survey.christina marie balllrd, neighbor: ""ican't pelieve this..."he was i
want to bring in the rest of our brain trust on this saturday to join you. christina, political editor for pbs news hour and the chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. i'm betting the two of you have no thoughts on this issue at all. christina, i want to start with you. a really well put together piece and commentary there by ari melber. what do you think should be done with this debate commission? should they just be scratched all together? >> it's an interesting thought. i certainly thing that citizens often ask better questions than journalists because journalists have a different intention. they're trying to ma make news. they're more familiar with what the candidates have said previously. they're trying to bring up a different topic or answer in a different way, where as a citizen genuinely wants to know the answer to a question. and one suggestion might be if the candidate on stage doesn't answer that question, the citizens should get a chance to say actually, i don't think you answered my question. i'm going to go ahead and ask that again. the problem wit
at the place where it happened. christina morris-ward. she was just two blocks away from school. she tried to cross germantown road when she was struck and killed by a car. we begin our story now with her mom. >> just unbelievable. i just can't believe my daughter is not here. >> reporter: at the place where her daughter died this morning. 15-year-old christina morris-ward killed as he was on her way to school. it happened around 7:00 at the enter section of germantown road and wisteria drive. they say that the 27-year-old driver of the car remained on the scene. this is not an easy crossing. there are seven lanes of traffic and a median strip. it's unclear as to where christina was when this happened. but police say it appears the driver of the car had the right of way. >> investigators have told me that they believe the car had the solid green signal. >> reporter: as it came through the intersection? >> yes. >> reporter: she was a 10th grader at seneca valley high school. grief counselors were dispatched there today. >> our students are kids. although they make look like adults, this is
whether to get in or say no. christina's mom says just this week her daughter discussed a drinking and driving scenario in her driver's ed class. >> you wouldn't want them driving. but at the same time, she would be in a predicament. >> reporter: but she still doesn't believe her daughter would get in a car with a drunk driver. >> i know she would call me. >> reporter: jordan's mom says her daughter also knows not to get in a car with an impaired driver. and has admitted to being at parties where kids are drinking. how does she get then from those parties? >> i pick her up. >> so you expect that in this situation she will say i'm not getting in that car? >> absolutely. i hope. >> and johnny's dad, like the other parents, insists he's taught his son what to do in this situation. >> my wife and i, we've always just spoken kind of frankly with our son. you got to be strong and just walk away. >> reporter: and he's betting that's what johnny will do here. >> i think he really will. i'm hoping. my fingers are crossed. >> reporter: while the teens rate the food -- our actor takes every o
remains unknown. >>> today will be another scorcher. >> got that right. christina has been telling us all day long. another spare the air day as well. air quality officials say the air is expected to reach unhealthy levels for a third day in a row. we are asked to cut back on driving and avoid certain outdoor activities. this is the tenth spare air alert this year. we have the harvest moon and heat coming in to welcome october. >> the moon? that was on saturday. >> we had a little bit left today. >> we did. we certainly did. >> i know what i'm talking about. i howl at the thing. >> good morning. temperatures are hot. i hate to say it, we have an additional four to five hours of potential heating. i want to start here and put it into perspective for you. it's 11:05 across the state of california. 103 degrees right now in palm springs. 80 degrees in monterrey. we will keep soaring. at 11:05, we hit the high that miami is expecting in gilroy. that is an indication of just how warm it is and how unusual it is to hit these highs this time of year. it is early in fall. it will feel like a late
in october. guess what? we have not hit the hottest point of the day. >> meteorologist christina loren is tracking the soaring temperatures this morning and a cooldown on the way. from one extreme to the next. >> let's give them the good news first. much cooler weather on the way. today, the heat wave continues and everything i'm looking at with all the clear skies overhead. it leads me to believe it will be hotter in some cities today than yesterday. the reason why is the ridge which has been nudged to the north. look at this. this is highly unusual to see fresno not even as warm as monterrey. 89 degrees. close to 90 on the ocean. that is because of offshore flow. it pushes the marine air back out to sea. it is as if the pacific ocean is not there to keep us cool. this is the hottest point again today. 84 degrees already in pleasanton. we will top out warmer today. as of this time tomorrow, we will talk about the low 80s and upper 70s as opposed to 90s. in the tri-valley, we will get cooler and bring in showers and the 70s toward the weekend. the seven-day forecast tells us a story. i
was banged up last year. >> christina loren joining us to talk about the forecast. >> lots happening, including the giants' playoff game. i'm feeling really good about it. of course, we're the proud home of the giants. we're going to get to the forecast in just a minute. probably noticed the cooler weather today if you didn't notice it yesterday, i'm certain you did today. low clouds situated over the bay bridge. and already seeing some action out there on the bay. america's cup, that's coming in this weekend. we have fleet week taking place, the bluegrass festival and of course the giants all in san francisco on saturday. so weather is going to come into play. looks like we're going to be cool and cloudy. this is the last day we'll be enjoying the upper 60s at this hour. just to give you a preview over the next three days. 69 degrees tomorrow. that's going to be the warmest day of the next three, if you wanted to head out to the bay. saturday into sunday, the giants take it to at&t park. temperatures are going to drop off. mostly cloudy conditions. a few showers on the way. so want
productos y cerrÓ operaciones la semana pasada. >> hoy dÍa en escena la e christina. >> hoy en escena la cantante cristina aguilera homenaje en la casa blanca reconocida por el gobierno de estados unidos por su labor para combatir el hambre y la desnutriciÓn en amÉrica latina, la cantante recibiÓ el homenaje de manos de hillary clinton, fue nombrado por la onu en el 2007 como embajadora contra el hambre. >> una breve pausa al regresar. >> el ciber rÉ >> el boxeador puertorriqueÑo se quitÓ los guantes para hablar de su vida privada admitiÓ que es homosexual, con eso se convierte en el primer boxeador en reclamar su preferencia sexual pÚblicamente. el pugil representÓ a puerto rico en los juegos olÍmpicos de sidney en el aÑo 2 y hablaremos sobre uno de los grandes del bÉisbol. miguel cabrera tremenda rÉcord que no se habÍa pues roto desde los aÑos 40, estamos hablando de que rompiÓ el triple corona del bÉisbol >> en bateÓ y carreras impul impulsad impulsadass. >> saben cuanta gente es participe de facebook? >> mil millones de personas. >> christina londoÑo tiene los deta
and needs to know, what's the weather forecast going to be like? christina loren? >> good morning to you. a lot of excitement happening in this city. live picture of san francisco looking kind of dreary with overcast conditions. we're picking up some light showers on the radar. look at all the vessels out there. a beautiful day. temperatures are in the mid-60s in san francisco. we're at 68 degrees in livermore. 65 degrees in downtown san jose. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll continue to see the very light, pesky showers. that's all we're picking up. this is what we're expecting over the course of the weekend. we're not expecting a rain out. no rain delays at the park tomorrow. pesky showers you might want to protect yourself from if you're headed out there. mild and cloudy today as we head through tomorrow. the coastal fog returns, but you'll get mostly clear conditions. great for viewing the blue angels. then on sunday, you get your jacket weather. you'll want to pull out the coat. more clouds than sun. that's going to be dicey when it comes to visibility. we'll take a look a
. christina londoÑo estÁ en san francisco con todos los detalles. >> >> pedro silva miraba literalmente lo que le costaba ir a trabajar hoy dÍa. >> ahorita, estoy un poquito confundido. con el precio de la gracias lina. >> fue de la noche a la maÑana? >> ayer pensaba echar gasolina que subirÁ mas y por eso que voy a llenar el estanque. >> la gasolina en california subiÓ casi 20 centavos por galÓn, el aumento mÁs alto en tan corto tiempo. >> aquÍ estÁn las cifras, los mÁs altos en esta Época del aÑo, en california el costo es mucho may mayor. >> en una estaciÓn de calabazas cobraban hasta 5:79 por galÓn. >> sufren mÁs los precios en las estaciones de servicio porque exigen que sea mÁs pura y mas refina refinada. >> la maehace mÁs escasa y mas cara. >> por una cadena de problemas en california. como el incendio de chevron a principio de agosto, el apagÓn y hasta una averÍa en un oleoducto, de ahi los pronÓsticos sobre los precios de californiano son buenos. >> se entiende que el precio de la gasolina pronto va a bajar. >> pero en california en la situaciÓn de california es al
engineering, we have christina from charleston salter and associates. she's done a comparative study. showing they are under 45 decibels. in the late night period, from 10:00 to 7 a.m. they are under 55 the rest of the day. the major complaint of the noise, again, it is not emanating from tacolicious. as far as being good neighbors, you couldn't ask for better neighbors than these people. they have worked with entire neighborhood. engaged as liaison. you will hear from the opposition and management team, joe hargrave and his partner, telmo feria. they have worked with everybody. anything that's come up they have worked with them. that is the bulk of information i wanted to impart with you this afternoon, thank you very much. i'm available for questions later on if you have any. >> we will go to public comment, pulling a couple cards. martin vargas. richard kirtopoto. raquel fox. whoever is ready. >> good afternoon, ra quel fox, i'm an attorney and here on behalf of residents on valencia street. while there is opposition to the project it is not as though the tenants want to close down tacolic
. >>> time for a look at your weekend forecast. christina loren is here. i'm curious how you are holding up. it has been a busy week for you. >> the giants won yesterday. i'm feeling good no matter what. carry the load. good morning to you. a good-looking day today as we head throughout the afternoon, we will get rid of some of the clouds. not a lot. we have the slight chance for light showers over the greater bay area. let's talk about what is happening. the temperatures are cool across the state. we are in the 70s and 60s across the board with the area of low pressure. the broad area is keeping things cool for california. 59 in oakland right now. 55 in san jose. we're only on the way to a 10-degree warm up. tomorrow, the sun comes back up. that means we will see 5-to-10 degree jump in the temperatures. a big time warm up on the way through next week. up to 90 degrees in some cities. we're talking snow in mammoth today. 90 for wednesday of next week. >> busy. keeping the good vibrations flowing. >> proud to be the broadcast home of the san francisco giants. >>> on the other side of the coi
crossed. go giants. look forward to it. right now, let's get the forecast from meteorologist christina loren. you said big rain in st. louis? >> serious storms headed that way. wait until i show you what is headed to st. louis. we are making a whoop about 90s in october. they have real weather to deal within st. louis. look at the massive system. it takes up a good one-third of the nation. st. louis, you can see, just starting to push in. sean said it is strais starting sprinkle. we have a severe line of storms. i want to point out where the severe line is located right over joplin, missouri. that is where we had the strong tornado. it all works out like this. the next hour or so, it will start to get more active out there. we could see brief heavy downpours, lightning and hail and a risk of tornadic rotation. we will see a strong storm likely roll over busch stadium. that will force a one-hour delay. however, i think the game will be able to continue and by the ninth inning, you lose the warmth with the thunderstorms. that will help out. the activity will push to the east. it will be
over the san mateo bridges. christina loren will be back to fill us in on the local weather forecast. looking good for tomorrow's parade. hang in there. >>> another element that sandy is affecting is the presidential campaign now just seven days away. >> campaigns are on hold because of the superstorm. tracie potts has that side of the story. >> reporter: instead of campaigning today as planned, president obama is at the white house and warning americans. >> please listen to what the state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> reporter: he declared emergencies in eight states, plus washington, d.c. before the storm. virginia and west virginia were added early this morning along with the first federal disaster areas. new jersey and new york. with the president busy in washington, clinton filled in for a rally in ohio. >> he said this storm is out of hand. i have to handle it. i said, mr. president, that is the right call. >> reporter: governor mitt romney is at a rally in ohio today. he is urging supporters to donate. >> swing by. giv
, thank you. (applause) >>> thank you, christina. i want to say, you actually said i grew up in western addition all my life. been around, i was one of the mischievous. i'm in the street, talking to the youth, letting them know whatever they put their mind to do they can do it. if they're not going to become champions in the boxing ring, they can become champions in life overall. i just want to say i'm happy to receive this award and thank you, christina. (applause) >>> is that your body guard? [laughter] >>> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] (applause) (applause) >> and my next honor is for linda avery herbert who i worked with for 7-1/2 years at the planning commission. she mentored me and she mentored so many other people in this city. serving on the planning commission is not a very easy task. it's like hours and hours of work. we sit in meetings for 10 hours or more. and linda was my mentor for a long time. she was my guide. and without her, i don't think i could have gotten through those meetings or served the city in the manner that i was able to. with your example, you always
all the services our mta has. thank you, christina, for stepping up. [applause] as we move into the times when we want more people to come in, we want development to create jobs, we need to make sure we appropriately plan all areas of the city. i want to thank these two gentlemen for stepping up to come and spend hours of their personal time helping us with the planning of the city. michael, thank you for returning and stepping forward for the planning commission. richard, thank you very much for stepping up as well. some say the most voluble land we have -- valuable land we have for people to live and enjoy is the waterfront. i want to thank our newest commissioner to the port commission, william adams. thank you, william, for stepping up. [applause] we have a very important task in front of us for this november. we have a very important bond i think most people in the city know will be invaluable to us for our kids and families. that is the open spaces part bond proposition b for this year. we also have a cherished commission and department that is charged with maintainin
of public who wish to speak in general public comment, please step up. >> hello. christina olague, i have put in a request to meet with you and i'm looking for a call back. all right. i just feel like we do need some major reforms within the city. some of it is within our shelter systems and our property. i just feel like the local -- i feel like the shelter monitoring committee is being ignored. jane kim you are doing some work with that and i would appreciate if would you sends one of your legislative aide. >> excuse me, circumstance sir, we have a rule in the board that permits speakers from targeting certain supervisors. >> maybe you should send your legislative aides. maybe jane kim shouldn't be the only one trying to make the shelter systems better. i feel like the sf hot team is really being ignored in this equation. they will put someone off the streets and put them in a house and put their lives together. they have already cut them once and i would like at least people to start bringing them into the equation. the other thing that i am having a problem with. it just seems that
affleck, carol burnett, christina applegate. guesting on the tonight show with jay leno. >> cris: looks like jay leno driving down the highway. he loves his cars. giants again from their own 17 yard line. a nice ankle tackle up at the 20 by asomugha. eli in the fourth quarter last year, 15 td passes, 6 game-winning drives, including that spectacular one on that sunday night in dallas. this year 3 tds, no picks, they were down by more than ten in the first quarter in week two against the buccaneers. with that spectacular second half. the master of the comeback will have to do it again at second down and seven. >> cris: not happening. >> al: lots of time. reaching out and misses the catch is barden. into eagle territory and the tackle at the 47 yard line. gain of 31. >> cris: coleman, i told you, he jumps play action passes. watch this, play fake. comes up, ramses barden right over the top. you have to know some situations. you're inside of nine minutes and you're given a freebie. >> al: ran by asomugha as well. the ball is at the 49 yard line. hynoski was the fullback. again over the mid
is in an ad. she joins us along with christina lopez, who was selected as the redskins' most stylish fan. check her out. here she is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> i think we all love those commercials that were on last year, with the women, you were in one of those, too, giving the men back the jerseys, because we don't want to wear a man's jersey and we want our own clothing, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> this year it's the it's my turn campaign, a new line put out by the nfl specifically for women. and you are kind enough to bring some products in with you today. >> yes. it's about giving women many choices to show their passion for the game, love for their specific team and it's about it's my team, so being definitely a passionate washington redskins fan, and giving me a way to show the love of the game through, from fashion bags to endless accessories, we have grown and it's so fun and exciting to having beads and socks and vintage wear, fabulous rain boots, head gear. >> i love it. within the product line, also
in the arly afternoon. pim as eing a fammlyymaa, who - pived alone wwth his dog. christina marie ballarr, neighbor: "all yu heard as the wind astnight. but, you would hearrthat. that's unreal."mark lugenbeel: "don, jj. likes to joke around 'don't be playing.' he said, 'i'm not playing, marr.' then, he starred crying real bad." victim's dog wenttmissingg.t áwas found... and is nowwwiih yoo heard his riend ust ho - mention.cannata was 74 yearss at five. in... crisfield../ on... the.... eastern shore.../ psandyys... wrath... was felt ...across the state .../ leaving... many... wittout power .... p underwater.first responders... are aiding... about... 60 people trapped in homes...//.residents... a tidaa surge... that flooded - hhmes....//the governor... sayss.. water pevels... were such.... thaa ome of the humveees.. were p given the depth of water. por the lattst on hh storm... stoom...we turnnto chief &pmeteorologist ytas reid.he's been following the paah sincce sandy moved on ffrm ourr &parea... vytas. p, in... eastern... baltimore county.
. >> in these neck of the woods. >> right here. i can vouch for it. >>> christina loren, what's going on with the forecast? >> we've got some rain on the radar. good morning to you. we haven't seen this in quite some time. a pretty significant band of moisture trying to sneak onshore. not going to be the case. we're just expecting some isolated showers. but that's what's bringing in these beautiful mid-level clouds this morning. you can see that vividly from high atop san bruno mountain. there's our area of high pressure. let's show you where the showers are. at this point, most of the activity, and there's quite a bit of activity, is staying offshore. as we head throughout next couple of hours, we're just expecting some very light, spotty action. and that's really going to be over the south bay mountains and looking at that at the coast as well. temperature wise today, it's crisp out there, feels really, really nice, great for running. by tomorrow, we'll get a very cold start and a few light showers. thursday, the cold air moves in, so temperatures are going to struggle to break into
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